3N61 - Jacoby Canyon

Big Bear Lake, California (San Bernardino County)

Last Updated: 12/22/2019
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Status: Temporary Closure
Typically Open: Year Round
Length: 2.9 miles
Highest Elevation: 7150 feet
Duration: About 1 hour
Shape of Trail: Straight Through
Best Direction to Travel: South
Nearest Town: Big Bear Lake
Nearest Town w/ Services: Big Bear Lake
Official Road Name: 3N61
Management Agency: San Bernardino National Forest
District: Mountain Top District
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Highlight: 3N61 - Jacoby Canyon
***The trail is currently closed due to the Holcomb Fire, please reach out to the Forest Service if you are planning on running this trail for more details on when it will reopen (909) 382-2790 (voice)*** Jacoby Canyon is a great intermediate trail on the backside of the Big Bear Mountain range. While on the trail, expect a scenic drive through what was once a lush forest, dried up streams, and lots of fresh mountain air. Some used this trail as a shortcut to quickly access Holcomb Valley from Lucerne versus driving up and around the mountain on Highway 18. Unfortunately, the trail has been closed to the Holcomb Fire.



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1. North End (0 mi)
North end of the trail is a dirt road heading south. The trail is off to the side of the highway and can be easy missed. Also be careful of fast moving vehicles when pulling on/off the trail.

Directions to Trailhead

Trailhead Coordinates: 34.317294, -116.815422

Starting Point: Fawnskin, CA

From the Big Bear Discovery Center Option 1: Take Highway 38 / 18 roughly 10.7 miles down the backside of the mountain. Trail is on left. Option 2: Take Highway 38 / 18 roughly 8 miles and turn left on Holcomb Valley Road towards the dump. Take the road roughly 1 mile to 3N16. Trail is on the left. Take 3N16 roughly 3/4 of a mile to the trail head. For more information on 3N16 please visit: http://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/1049-3n16-holcomb-valley



Trail Reviews (5)

Status: Temporary Closure
Offroaded on:
Gate off the 18 still closed

Author: Official Crew
Status: Temporary Closure
Offroaded on:
Still closed at the north / east gate.

Status: Closed
Offroaded on:

Author: Official Crew
Status: Closed
Offroaded on:
Definitely closed. Per the posted notice ( see pictures ), closure is through June 30, 2018.

Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
Offroaded on:
Spending Fathers Day with my son in Big Bear, this was a fun trail with a couple of gnarly spots. This trail is rated "Easy 3-4" on trailsoffroad scale of 1-10. Near the north end there is a spot I'd call the Gatekeeper, it will definitely keep 2wd vehicles off the trail when going from north to south. The opposite direction probably OK as gravity will lend a hand.

Questions & Answers (2)

Q: Does anyone know if this has reopened? The closure order has expired and it does not appear to be closed on the SBNF website. Also a user on Alltrails indicated the gates were open recently. Just wondering as this looks like a great easy moderate trail.
–Andrew (11/16/2019)
–G. Martin (12/23/2019)
–John Mantey (11/24/2019)
–Josh Noesser (11/18/2019)
Q: Is this trail open or closed?
–Todd (07/03/2017)
–Josh Noesser (07/03/2017)

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