2N01 - Broom Flat

Big Bear Lake, California (SanBernardino County)
Last Updated: 04/18/2018
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Status: Open
Typically Open: Year Round
Difficulty: 1-2
Length: 6.4 miles
Highest Elevation: 8117 feet
Duration: About 30 minutes
Shape of Trail: Out & Back
Best Direction to Travel: N/A
Nearest Town: Big Bear Lake
Nearest Town w/ Services: Big Bear Lake
Official Road Name: 2N01
Management Agency: San Bernardino National Forest
District: Mountaintop Ranger District
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Highlight: 2N01 - Broom Flat

2N01 - Broom Flat is a scenic, winding, forest road leading from CA-38 in Big Bear, CA, to the area at the base of Tip Top Mountain. 2N01 serves as a great access road to this south eastern section of the Big Bear Mountains. This is a great trail for a beginner looking to explore this open area, or a great connector for more advanced wheelers looking for a quick route to Heartbreak Ridge or Tip Top Mountain. 2N01 - Broom Flats can be run as an out & back, or a connector to the many other off-road trails in this area.


Route Information

Technical Rating: (1-2)

Dirt road. Dry, or less than 3" water crossing depth. Some ruts. Slight grades, up to 10 degrees. 2WD under most conditions. Rain or snow may make 4WD necessary. Usually one and a half to two vehicles wide.

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2N01 is an easy dirt road off CA-38. This off-road trail consists of dirt, small avoidable rocks, and is mostly flat, with a few mild climbs and descents.

Seasonal Information

Spring:In the spring time, this area includes warm to cool days with a slight chance of snow and cold nights.
Summer:Summer time in the area brings warm days and cool nights.
Fall:Fall can bring rain, cold days and cold nights.
Winter:Winter time usually brings snow which can make the trail much more difficult and even impassible or inaccessible.


1. Trailhead 2N01

The 2N01 trailhead is directly off CA-38, on the northeast side. There are two small signs visible from CA-38, but they are not easy to see. The pavement continues down the first tenth of a mile on the trail before it turns to rough dirt.

2. Dirt Starts (0.1 mi)

The pavement ends here. Continue straight on 2N01.

3. View of the Flats (2.27 mi)

Take a minute here to look to the north at the flats; Broom Flats.

4. 2N04 Intersection (2.3 mi)

Continue straight to stay on 2N01. A left here will take you on 2N04.

5. 2N64Y Intersection (Juniper Springs Camp) (2.35 mi)

Continue straight to stay on 2N01. A right here will take you on 2N64Y to the Juniper Springs group campground.

6. Watch for Fallen Rocks in the Road (3.65 mi)

Keep an eye out for rocks that may have fallen into the road.

7. Turnout (3.8 mi)

Continue straight to stay on 2N01. There is a large turnout here with plenty of space to park and take a break if needed.

8. View (4.22 mi)

This outward curve around the mountain offers one of the best views across the trail. Stop and take some pictures or continue straight.

9. 2N89Y / 2N61Y to Heartbreak Ridge (5.75 mi)

Continue straight to stay on 2N01. A right here will take you on 2N89Y which leads directly into 2N61Y - Heartbreak Ridge.

10. 2N02 - Burns Canyon Intersection (6.07 mi)

Continue straight to stay on 2N01. The intersecting trail here is 2N02 Burns Canyon.

11. Old Mine Shaft / End (6.4 mi)

The trail ends at a small loop to turn around, where you will see this closed mine shaft.

Directions to Trailhead

Trailhead Coordinates: 34.207413, -116.737826

Starting Point: San Bernardino, California

From San Bernardino, take I-10 east for about 5 miles. Take exit 77C for Tennessee Street. Turn left onto Tennessee Street. Turn right onto west Lugonia Avenue. Continue onto Mentone Boulevard. Continue onto CA-38 east / Mill Creek Road for about 35 miles. Watch for 2N01on the northeast side of the road and turn right onto 2N01.


There are numerous camping options in Big Bear; primitive / dispersed camping, group camp sites, yellow post campsites and, at Serrano Campground, sites with full RV hookups and hot showers. Just a few of the nearby camping options are : Juniper Springs Group Campground Head east at Waypoint 5 for about 1 mile on 2N64Y and you will reach the Juniper Springs Group Campground ; a large group site for tent or RV camping. This site can accommodate up to forty people and eight vehicles. Juniper Springs includes picnic tables, a fire ring, vault toilets and non-potable water. Heart Bar Campground About 9 miles south of the 2N01 trailhead at CA38 is the Heart Bar Campground. Heart Bar includes multiple sites for tent and RV camping (no electrical hookups), vault toilets and potable water. Heart Bar is opened from mid May to late September of each year. Serrano Campground Serrano is about 12 miles northwest of the 2N01 trailhead at CA38. Serrano Campground is near the north shore of Big Bear Lake and is open late February to late November of each year. This campground includes over one hundred sites for tent and RV camping, some with full utility hookups, flush toilets, potable water and hot showers.
Camping: 2N01 - Broom Flat

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G. Martin

Mapping Crew - California
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G. Martin, gm4x4 on Youtube , is a California native, born and raised in northern California and now living and wheeling in southern California. He enjoys exploring new trails and setting up camp in the remote outdoors. Always looking for new ideas on improving his outdoor "system", his Jeep is his main off-road tool, but he also incorporates ham radio, multiple mapping devices and a few other pieces of technology into his off-road adventures. You may come across him in the middle of the Mojave Desert, the mountains of Big Bear, in the central Sierras near Shaver Lake or any other dirty, rocky road in the southwest. TrailsOffroad offers a focus point in G.Martin's offroad exploration.


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Status: Open
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We took this today from the 38 over to Heart Break Ridge. Nice easy road.

Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
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An unplanned off-road adventure turned into a 'snow-to-desert' run from Big Bear to Johnson Valley. We started in Big Bear, on 2N01- Broom Flat where the snow was falling and visibility was poor. As we approached 2N02 - Burns Canyon the clouds cleared and the snow thinned. On to Motino Wash for some rock crawling where the snow faded and from there, we took Rattlesnake Canyon out to Johnson Valley and Jack Hammer. This was a great off-road trip with a variety of trails and a variety of weather in a single southern California winter day.