Upper Terminator TV3

4.3/5 (6 reviews)
New River, Arizona (Yavapai County)
Last Updated: 05/11/2019

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This is one of my favorite trails to run. It has some great views and very cool rocks. It has some fun challenging options as well as nice rock crawling. It is a real fun trail to run at night with the stars and a little bit cooler weather mid summer and total peace and quite. It has sandy washes, ledges, water, rock, rocks and more rocks all in the middle of the desert!!

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4.3/5 (6)
Rated 5/5
Visited: 07/16/2022
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Awesome technical trail. I think the rating is fair, though I'd peg it as a solid 6 as opposed to a 5. Our group ran both Upper and Lower Terminators on a Saturday night, starting just before sunset. What an amazing experience in the dark - things got a little spicy with a monsoon that popped up while we were out. Despite its short length, you'll spend at least 2 hours on this trail. Our group included some pretty built up JK and JL on 37s, a WJ on 37s, and my JL on 35's with a 2.5" lift. Unless you're an impeccable driver, I'd recommend skids and sliders if you're on 35's with a long wheelbase like I am. Don't go alone. Our group had to pull out the tow strap twice, mostly due to some bad lines or biting off more than we could chew. Daylight probably would have made things easier.
Rated 4/5
Visited: 10/09/2021
Difficulty Accuracy: Harder

This is one or those trails that is scary the entire time but also really fun. Maybe it’s cause this was my first real rock crawl trail but it felt like this was the max difficulty I would wanna do. At least with a JK on 35”s. My buddy didn’t have a Rubicon so he really struggled. I had to winch him up a few times. We had to use a spotter the entire time. Overall it was a great experience but very tough for 3.5” lift and 35” tires.
Rated 4/5
Visited: 03/21/2020

4 of us ran this trail today on what we called our Ain’t Skeered Anti Covid-19 trail run. The river crossings were deep and flowing. But we forged both of them with no problems. I have ran this trail 3 times now and it has undoubtably changed, for the better. All of the water that has ran through here over the last two years has filled in gaps possibly even widen certain places either way it’s not a trail to take lightly and if you’re not paying attention I will leave you with a pretty severe body damage and or flat tires. If you have a rig with a minimum 4 inch lift and at least one locking device and 35 inch tires you should be just fine providing you go with another rig we had water flowing on the trail which made things interesting on a couple of obstacles but we prevailed without incident.
Visited: 10/14/2017

Yesterday was an awesome day on the trail for a nice technical trail. Upper Terminator is a beautiful trail because you can make it as easy or as tough as your like. One of the vehicles in the group was driven by a rather new driver to the off road world and she had a blast. She was also driving a vehicle that had 2 open differentials. The trail conditions were perfect. It is obvious that the trail has had some heavy rain in the monsoon season as areas have been filled in with gravel. This trail is not to be taken likely though. Upper Terminator is a body grabber and a tire getter.
Official Crew
Visited: 02/24/2017

We ended up running this trail at night so there is no pictures. The trail was pretty wet. All the rain has changed it a lot. It seamed pretty tame. All the deep dug out rocks have been filled in with sand. Lower was great so check that out too when you are there. The water crossing to get to the real was pretty deep. It went over a 37" tire on the flowing side.

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