Los Alamos Loop

Presidio, Texas (Presidio County)

Last Updated: 05/02/2022
5 / 5 ( 1 reviews )
Highlight: Los Alamos Loop
Los Alamos Loop is unique within Big Bend Ranch State Park. First, let's list what this trail is not. Los Alamos Loop is not an easy, simple dirt road. It is not a route for lower clearance vehicles. It is not a route to run alone. So what is Los Alamos Loop? It is arguably the most technical non-maintained route in the park. The track offers fun challenges at nearly every turn with plenty of articulation and off-camber sections to entertain most off-road enthusiasts. Winding through the hills around and through Panther Canyon in the extreme northeast section of the park, Los Alamos Loop is also very scenic and beautiful. It is a must-do for any true adventure seeker visiting the park!
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