McGuirk's Loop

Presidio, Texas (Brewster County)

Last Updated: 05/13/2022
5 / 5 ( 1 reviews )
Highlight: McGuirk's Loop
Ruins of a long-abandoned waterline service road and rusted remnants of an old pumping station liter McGuirk’s Loop. But what you will likely remember is the exceptionally demanding nature of this rarely traveled and heavily overgrown unmaintained route in Big Bend Ranch State Park. Running within the Solitario, McGuirk’s Loop enters and exits from an easily accessible road in the Solitario, yet immediately immerses the bold offroader with an experience unlike any other in the Park. Those who don't appreciate the chalkboard-like sounds of branches playing music with their vehicle's paint should avoid this trail. For those hearty others, this one-of-a-kind experience is an excellent addition to a day's off-road exploration in and around the solitario, blazing your way through what may at times feel like a jungle in the desert!
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