Black Hills Road

Presidio, Texas (Presidio County)

Last Updated: 04/01/2022
4.5 / 5 ( 2 reviews )
Highlight: Black Hills Road
While Big Bend Ranch State Park has numerous off-road routes, the park's "unmaintained" routes offer a unique experience to willing travelers. Of all those unmaintained routes, Black Hills is arguably one with one of the most 'comforting' start and endpoints. With the black hills of Big Bend to the east, travelers' decision to take the route are rewarded with some spectacular views of the black hills as well as a few short sections of slightly off-camber ledge road. The scraping sound of Creosote Bush and Ocotillo dragging along the side of your vehicle, the engine's whine while you lean down a steep hillside, and being far from any help, make this trail a true adventure
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