Martinez Cabin Trail

Florence, Arizona (Pinal County)

Last Updated: 07/07/2021
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Highlight: Martinez Cabin Trail
Martinez Canyon was a thriving mining center during the late 1880's when multiple veins of silver were discovered throughout the canyon. Operations were active in the area into the early 1950's. The remnants of an old cabin and some other equipment can still be found on the site near the cabin. If you hike a little further you can see the old mill and some of the machinery. The hike is relatively easy through a beautiful canyon with huge shade trees offering some relief from the desert sun. The hike back to the cabin is 1.5 miles, with an elevation gain of 275 feet. Please remember to carry extra water hiking back into the area. The area has had a lifetime of vandalism, forcing the closure of the last section of trail. Please help preserve precious sites like this by leaving everything as you found it, removing all waste and reporting any acts of vandalism you witness to Arizona BLM. There are still open mine shafts in the area as well, it's highly recommended that you DO NOT ENTER any of the structures or mine shafts for fear of collapse.
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