Pa's Pocket

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Saint George, Arizona (Mohave County)
Last Updated: 01/09/2023

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Hero: Pa's Pocket
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Water is life in the desert. Places where water collects are called pockets in the deserts of the Southwest. These relatively verdant pockets are gathering places for animals and humans. Native tribes knew the large rock cisterns carved into a tight slot canyon of a sandstone ridge would collect and hold the water from infrequent rains. Early settlers often improved on these natural features. Pa's Pocket is such a place. James Bundy, a prominent Mormon settler who lived near Mount Trumbell, built a dam in 1920 to capture and hold the runoff rainwater in this slick rock sandstone canyon to support cattle ranching in the area. Atwood and Ben Bundy built the cabin in 1945. Pa's Pocket is an oasis in a beautiful but parched landscape. The small canyon leading to the dam is often 20 degrees cooler than the surrounding environment. The trail to Pa's Pocket is scenic and just challenging enough to keep things interesting. The Pocket is a great payoff for the effort. Please respectfully visit the area and admire both the natural beauty and the efforts of the hardy people who lived in this land.

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