Highlight: FR 222A
Located in the Coconino National Forest, FR 222A travels through a dense Ponderosa Pine forest, the largest in North America. It also traverses a land formed by ancient volcanos. The ragged gray edges of lava flows can be seen through the thick trees. But it isn't until the forest opens up that you see the myriad of peaks and cinder cones that dominate this unique part of Arizona. Views like this come at a price. Here a small but severe forest fire in 2000 denuded the landscape but opened impressive views. Imagining this as a land of violent volcanic activity is difficult when nestled in a peaceful campsite listening to the soothing wind in the tops of the pines interrupted only by the plaintive bugling of a bull elk. But the last volcanic activity in the area happened a thousand years ago, just a blink of an eye in geologic time. FR222A provides the perfect setting for enjoying peacefulness while pondering the violent past.
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