Alabama Hills - Movie Road

Lone Pine, California (Inyo County)

Last Updated: 05/17/2022
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Highlight: Alabama Hills - Movie Road
If you live in California and are into overlanding, you likely have heard about Alabama Hills and the fantastic camping in the area. This area is a must-stop for the people traveling the 395 on their epic overland trips. Movie Road is the gateway into Alabama Hills and is the main trail that runs through this famous area. Movie Road is the easiest way to access the trail network to where all the fantastic camping is. But camping isn't the only thing people talk about while visiting the area. It is one of the most scenic spots along the 395, with towering boulders, Mt. Whitney looming over the valley, and arches everywhere. There is no doubt that this area is said to be a must-stop on the 395. So if you are out off-roading, taking the 4x4 out, or just looking for a place to camp, think no further than Movie Road in Alabama Hills.
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