Fargo Canyon Road

Indio, California (Riverside County)

Last Updated: 09/17/2021
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Highlight: Fargo Canyon Road
Fargo Canyon Road is located in the Mojave and Colorado desert on BLM land just south of Joshua Tree National Park. Beginning in a wide-open sandy wash, the trail soon becomes surrounded by the tall steep walls of Fargo Canyon. The road was originally built and paved in the 1930s to construct the Coachella Tunnels, a portion of the Colorado River Aqueduct. After 80 years, the asphalt has heavily disintegrated and terminates at a construction site for the Coachella Tunnel, which still has water coursing through it beneath your feet. The road becomes increasingly rough towards its end, offering some smaller rock waterfall obstacles, narrow paths, and unavoidable large rocks, all to test your offroad skills. The trail ends at the border of Joshua Tree National Park, where vehicles are prohibited. Fargo Canyon Road offers a stark desert canyon desolation with a beauty of its own. It is accented by the brilliant white summer afternoon clouds making an exploration over its length a memorable experience.
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