Strawberry Pass / Strawberry 4WD Trail

Kyburz, California (El Dorado County)

Last Updated: 04/01/2022
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Highlight: Strawberry Pass / Strawberry 4WD Trail
Just south of Lake Tahoe, not far off Highway 50, in the Eldorado National Forest is Strawberry Pass, a scenic and technical trail climbing its way up and over the side of Little Round Top Mountain, where it overlooks Caples Lake and the Kirkwood Ski resort. This long 4WD trail is known for its high mountain views, technical rock obstacle sections, some great dispersed camping locations and is a key part of a popular route connecting Deer Valley and the Rubicon Trail or Barrett Lake with minimal pavement. Wheelers in lifted 4x4s can experience this trail from end to end, including the rock obstacle on the north side of the trail. In contrast, off-roaders in stock 4x4s can still enjoy the views and camping along Strawberry Pass by entering the trail from the south end.
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