Nip and Tuck Road

Stanley, Idaho (Custer County)

Last Updated: 07/18/2021
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Status: Open
Typically Open: 05/01 - 11/30
Difficulty: 1-2
( EASY )
Length: 4.89 miles
Highest Elevation: 6649 feet
Duration: About 30 minutes
Shape of Trail: Straight Through
Best Direction to Travel: N/A
Nearest Town: Stanley
Nearest Town w/ Services: Stanley
Official Road Name: 70633
Management Agency: Sawtooth National Recreation Area
District: Sawtooth National Recreation Area
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Highlight: Nip and Tuck Road
This is a wonderful little dirt trail that takes you off of Highway 21, bypasses the summer crowds in the town of Stanley, and offers amazing, expansive views of the Sawtooth Mountains. Nip and Tuck is part of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area that is managed as part of the Sawtooth National Forest and covers over 730,864 acres. This trail is a popular spot for dry-camping, hikers, and bikers. You feel you have just enough space to get away from the crowds and traffic of town and highway. On one side, you see rolling grassland hills with blooming wildflowers in the summer, and on the opposite side, you can see the Sawtooths peaking in and out of views. This trail is proof that your next adventure might just be one road away that is less traveled.



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Route Information

Advanced Rating System

Recommended Vehicle:
2WD Vehicle with High Clearance
This is a simple dirt road giving it the 1-2 rating.

Technical Rating: 1-2
( EASY )

Dirt and/or rocky road. Potential rocks and/or tree stumps less than 5" tall and/or vertical ledges less than 5" tall and/or near vertical ledges or waterfalls less than 6" inches. Good tire placement likely. Can be steep, but with good traction.
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This trail is mainly hard-packed dirt, but during the wet and winter season can be muddy and very slippery. The trail should be avoided until it is dry. It is straight through and travels along a ridge almost parallel to Highway 21 for nearly 5 miles at over 6000' in elevation, bypassing the town of Stanley and ending at the middle of Lower Stanley off Highway 75. You can run it in either direction. Allow 30 minutes to complete the trail. There are no obstacles on this road. It is suitable for 2WD and AWD vehicles.
There is UTVs and RV traffic that frequent this trail. Stay aware, and yield to oncoming traffic as necessary.


1. Trailhead (0 mi)
Nip and Tuck/NF 633 Trailhead begins at the junction of Kelly Creek Road/NF 653, which ends at Potato Mountain Road or Joes Gulch Jeep Road.
2. Campsite - Stay Straight (1.43 mi)
This is a single dispersed campsite with a rock fire ring that offers cell service (stronger with a cell booster), plenty of sun for solar panels, and views of the Sawtooth Mountains.
3. Overlook (2.67 mi)
This overlook offers amazing views of the Sawtooth Mountains and you can see Highway 21 below in the valley running parallel to the trail.
4. Trail Ends (4.89 mi)
The trail ends at Highway 75 in the middle of Lower Stanley. Heading north will take you to Challis and Salmon, while heading south will take you to Stanley, Redfish Lake, and Sun Valley.

Directions to Trailhead

Trailhead Coordinates: 44.259976, -114.986426

Starting Point: Stanley

Head South on ID-21/Eva Falls Ave for 4.6 miles. Turn right onto NF-653 and travel 1.4 miles. Nip and Tuck Road begins here.


This trail is popular for dispersed camping. It is one of a few trails in the Stanley area that offers spectacular Sawtooth Mountain views, is free to camp, has plenty of sun for solar panels, and even good cell signal (cell booster may be needed) in some areas. Waypoint 2 is a good example of a great camping spot. These spots are normally scattered along the trail as single campsites or maybe across the road from each other. Some spurs can be pull-offs and camped in. They can vary in the shade or in the open. Even as early as when the trail opens the first week of May, the ideal campsites can fill up pretty quickly. Weekdays do have more open spots available than weekends and summer holidays. Please remember to Leave No Trace, pack out trash with you, Tread Lightly, and not leave unnecessary tire tracks and fire traces. If pulling a towable RV, it is recommended that the western entrance from Highway 21 is used as the eastern entrance from Highway 75 is a little narrower, winding, and a steeper grade. There is only dry camping on this trail. You can find several improved campgrounds or commercial campgrounds nearby along Highway 21 or Highway 75
Camping: Nip and Tuck Road

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Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
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I love taking this trail every time I'm in the Stanley area, it is a great way to avoid the hustle and bustle of the tourists in Stanley and gives a great first view of the Sawtooths as you are coming into the Stanley area, due to the trail being on such a high ridge opposite of the mountains.

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