Ocala - Forest Road 54

Salt Springs, Florida (Marion County)

Last Updated: 07/29/2021
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Highlight: Ocala - Forest Road 54
Forest Road 54 is located in central Ocala National Forest. The trail is a scenic drive precisely cut through the forest. It is so straight that the trail appears to touch the sky in the distance. A few hills will make you wonder what animals or scenic views might be on the other side. FR 54 has countless off-chute trails for those wanting to break away and explore the lesser-traveled areas of the Ocala National Forest. Ocala National Forest is one of three National Forests in Florida. It spans 385,000 acres and is the second-largest National Forest in Florida. Exploring this area can be done in many ways, such as hiking, boating, horseback, OHV, ATV, and street-legal vehicles. Come hunt, camp, watch wildlife, visit a shooting range, or even see the Naval Bombing Range!
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