Kokopelli Road

Fruita, Colorado (Mesa County)

Last Updated: 04/30/2022
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The Kokopelli Trail is a 142-mile long backcountry route through the Colorado Plateau from Moab, Utah, to Grand Junction, Colorado. Kokopelli Road is a portion of that trail that runs from I-70 to the Utah border. This mild off-road trail winds its way through the sand, desert foliage, and sandstone monoliths, with scenic views for nearly the entire route. Closer to the state border, the terrain gets a little rougher as you pass into an area with deep canyons. These canyons are remnants of ancient sea sediment, sculpted by nature over millions of years. The striations provide an up-close glimpse at the geology of the Colorado Plateau and offer unique places to set up a campsite. Take your cameras, and take your time because Kokopelli Road is a scenic and easily accessible portion of the Kokopelli Trail.
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