Ocala - Forest Road 13

Silver Springs, Florida (Marion County)

Last Updated: 06/27/2021
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Forest Road 13 is home to Centennial OHV Trailhead where ATV, motorcycles, and UTVs can unload and explore Centennial OHV Trails. South of the OHV Trailhead, you will experience Ocala's "trail to the sky" feature as the trails are cut through the forest with such straight precision allowing you to view hills miles away that appear to touch the sky. It connects central Ocala National Forest to its southern tip and offers a calm scenic ride for anyone who loves the outdoors. Ocala National Forest is one of three National Forests in Florida. It spans 385,000 acres and is the second-largest National Forest in Florida. Exploring this area can be done in many ways, such as hiking, boating, horseback, OHV, ATV, and street-legal vehicles. Come hunt, camp, watch wildlife, visit a shooting range, or even see the Naval Bombing Range!
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