Ocala - Forest Road 71

3/5 (1 reviews)
Altoona, Florida (Lake County)
Last Updated: 06/05/2021
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Forest Road 71 is a scenic road exploring southeast Ocala National Forest. FR71 is a dirt and sandy trail winding through the lesser-traveled areas of Ocala National Forest. The trail is the western border for Billies Bay Wilderness, which is 3000+ acres of protected marsh and swampland. The trail is easy for any 4WD vehicles and visitors who want to explore the forest without worrying about sinking or rolling their vehicle. Ocala National Forest is one of three National Forests in Florida. Spanning 385,000 acres, Ocala is the second largest National Forest in Florida. Ocala National Forest is great for anyone looking to hunt, camp, watch wildlife, visit a shooting range, or even see the Naval Bombing Range! Exploring Ocala National Forest can be done in many ways, such as hiking, boating, horseback, OHV, ATV, and street-legal vehicles.

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3/5 (1 reviews)
Jeff Bulat
Official Crew
Status: Open
Rated 3/5
Visited: 04/24/2021

FR71 was a fun easy trail, lots of birds on this trail. During the wet season expect some areas to get muddy from the swaps of Billies Bay Wilderness, which is right next to the trail.

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