Crowley Columns

Mammoth Lakes, California (Mono County)

Last Updated: 04/12/2021
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Highlight: Crowley Columns
Near Mammoth Lakes, California, and just outside the Long Valley Caldera in the Eastern Sierras sits this short trail leading to these unique, unnatural-looking stone columns along the shores of Crowley Lake. The Crowley Columns, while they appear to be man-made, are said to be natural formations created by a combination of volcanic activity, ash, melting snow, and steam, about 3/4 million years ago. The columns remained buried for hundreds of thousands of years until the man-made reservoir of Crowley Lake began eroding away the softer materials around them starting in the early 1940s. Today these tall standing columns at the end of a short scenic off-road trail and short hike are a spectacular sight to see. Anyone from first-time off-roaders to experienced wheelers will enjoy this trail and the beautiful surrounding area.
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