Highlight: Trail 38
This short trail is full of surprises! It does not look like much at the start with the powerlines overhead, however, it quickly leaves them behind and climbs and opens up into a series of rolling hills and dry prairie. The road passes through several ravines and offers access to a jagged canyon. It looks like the perfect breeding ground for rattlesnakes! As the trail gains altitude, it becomes narrow and potentially tricky. For some, this may be a white knuckle experience, but it is not too difficult up to this point. Once the trail turns into the valley, it passes through lots of brush and trees that reach out and claim their little bit of paint from your vehicle. This trail brings out the pinstriping! In addition to narrowing, the trail becomes twisty and sprinkled with rocks and stream beds to cross. The very end is currently too narrow for a full-size vehicle but worth the short walk. The rainy season may reward you with a nicely flowing stream!
For individual use only, not to be shared.