Box Canyon - Florence, Arizona

Florence, Arizona (Pinal County)

Last Updated: 07/07/2021
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Highlight: Box Canyon - Florence, Arizona
Box Canyon is the highlight of this trail providing southern access to the popular trail system just north of Box Canyon and Florence, Arizona commonly referred to as, "Florence Junction." Driving through Box Canyon is a wonderful scenic introduction to the area and is a very popular trail. Box Canyon can be traveled in either direction but continues on to the north connecting with many other nearby trails. These other trails can be combined for a full day of exploration. A favorite among many, you will often find other OHV enthusiasts sharing this trail.


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Recommended Vehicle:
Stock SUV with High Clearance and 4 Low
The Box Canyon trail has become easier over the years. However it is meant for lightly modified vehicles and skilled drivers. Many of the large boulders on the trail have become less obtrusive with heavy traffic and the effects of water running on the trail.

Technical Rating

Typically, more rock or undulated road surface. Potential rocks and/or tree stumps less than 12" tall and/or vertical ledges less than 12" tall and/or near vertical ledges or waterfalls less than 24" inches. Tire placement becomes more difficult. Can be steep.
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Box Canyon offers access to the popular OHV and trail system north of Florence, Arizona. The trail is fun to drive and becomes progressively narrower offering views of the towering walls of rock above. The trail is rather tame initially from a graded dirt road, to a sandy wash, to mild rocky obstacles near the end of the trail. Box Canyon can be driven almost entirely in 2 wheel drive depending on trail conditions and driver experience. Drivers are encouraged to use their own discretion when it is appropriate to engage 4 wheel drive. The trail can often be very busy with traffic as it is a popular trail. Traveling through Box Canyon does require a Arizona State Trust Land permit. State Trust Land Permits can be found at the Arizona State Trust Land Department website ( under recreational permit forms, individual/family permit. The downloadable form is in a PDF format. Once completed, the form is to be returned to: Arizona State Land Department 1616 W. Adams St. Phoenix, Az 85007. The managing BLM office is the Gila District Tucson Field Office at 3201 East Universal Way, Tucsion, Az 85756.
Price Rd has been re-routed around the area used for Country Thunder. There are also some ranches there. At GPS 33.076032, -111.353657 turn right/south and follow until GPS 33.0807, -111.318944 and turn right/east again. This bypasses the ranches on Price Rd. This is a very popular trail and travelers will often encounter small off highway vehicles. In Box Canyon, space is tight in some places so passing can be difficult at times.


1. Trailhead (0 mi)
The trailhead begins at a large staging area located on Box Canyon Road to the right/east. This is a good place to air down tires.
2. Large Staging Area On Right (1.3 mi)
This one of a few large areas along the road that can be used for staging or camping. Please use pre-existing fire rings and take out what you brought.
3. Entering Box Canyon (2.4 mi)
This is the entrance to Box Canyon and becomes more progressively narrow. Please stay on the trail and be respectful of other users. There are limited areas that are wide enough along the trail for oncoming traffic.
4. Exiting Box Canyon Keep Straight (4.2 mi)
Box Canyon widens here and you exit the canyon portion of the trail. Box Canyon Road continues north however. Continue straight.
5. Veer Left onto Road (4.3 mi)
After crossing the cattle guard, veer left and down into the wash/road and continue north. At this point in the trail can be seen square metal signs with directions. Here you can see directions to [Sandman Rd]( and [Mineral Mountain Rd](
6. Veer Left At Y (4.5 mi)
Veer left/north here at the Y. Turning right/east will lead to the [Martinez Cabin Trail](
7. Stage Coach Stop (5.7 mi)
This is a spot worth stopping for, please respect the location; this is an old stage coach stop. Although not much information can be found on this site it is exciting to imagine what travel must have been like back in the day.
8. End of Trail (6.3 mi)
This is the end of the trail. To the left/north is [Mineral Mountain Road](, one of the main connecting roads in the area. The road to the right/east is listed as Box Canyon Rd is on the list to be further explored.

Directions to Trailhead

Access to the trailhead is approximately 22 miles south of Apache Junction, Arizona. The trailhead can be found by traveling east on US 60 to the intersection with Highway 79 (Florence Junction) and exit 212 Florence/Tucson headed south. Travel south 13.5 miles and turn left/east onto Price Road. From Florence, Arizona travel approximately 2 miles north on Highway 79 to the trailhead at Price Road, turn right/east. Travel 6.7 miles east on [Price Road]( to the Box Canyon trailhead. Price Rd has been re-routed around the area used for Country Thunder. There are also some ranches there. At GPS 33.076032, -111.353657 turn right/south and follow until GPS 33.0807, -111.318944 and turn right/east again. This bypasses the ranches on Price Rd.


Camping is available in several spots along the trail. If camping on Arizona State Trust Land you will be required to have the appropriate permit from here: Please make sure to only use existing fire rings and Tread Lightly.
Camping: Box Canyon - Florence, Arizona

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Q: Does this still require a permit as the link to get the permit goes no where. Planning on doing this trail soon if anyone knows the current status. Thanks in advance!
–Logan Marks (03/10/2020)
A: Yes you still need a permit on all State Trust Land. That entire region iin Florence is under enforcement for this requirement.
–Bobby Nelson (03/10/2020)
Q: How much of price rd is blm and privet lnd
–Tom (03/30/2017)
A: Hi Tom. If you were to look at the area between highway 79 and Box Canyon Road approx 1/3 of the distance is on private land near where Country Thunder is held where Price road travels in and out of private land and BLM. I encourage people to drive slowly and carefully through this area to keep the dust down and to avoid the irrigation ditch alongside Price Road. I am looking at the ASLD Parcel Viewer online (,33.1067,13&layers=3,1,0). The remaining, approx 1/3, near Box Canyon Road is what the Parcel Viewer calls, (other). A small portion of the road near highway 79 is BLM.
–Chad Chaney (03/31/2017)

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