Little Finland

Mesquite, Nevada (Clark County)

Last Updated: 02/18/2021
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Little Finland is located within the very remote Gold Butte National Monument in southern Nevada. The region is known for its unique rock formations formed by millions of years of wind and rain. Little Finland, also known as Devil's Fire or Hobgoblin's Playground, is a specific area where the Aztec sandstone has been formed into arches, thin fins, and other jagged formations. The area became popular about 25 years ago, but because of how remote the area is, you're likely to be the only visitors. The site also has an abundance of rock art and petroglyphs. These delicate pieces of ancient artwork are on the ground, intermixed with the countless rock spires. To help preserve these delicate rocks and artwork, be cautious when walking through the area. When you park your vehicle, you must walk up to the elevated area where you'll become immersed within this special place.
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