Falling Man

Mesquite, Nevada (Clark County)

Last Updated: 02/14/2021
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Highlight: Falling Man
Located within the remote Gold Butte National Monument, the Falling Man petroglyph site is where you can view over 100 different examples of ancient rock art. The area gets its name from the most unique glyph in the area, an image of a person that appears to be falling. Most of the artwork in the area is of the native wildlife and other geometric shapes, so the image of a falling man is very unique. The trail to reach the site is relatively easy, but it does require high clearance and durable offroad tires. There is a fenced-off parking area marking the hiking trail leading to the many white & red sandstone cliffs. As you easily walk through the many stone outcroppings, you have to keep an eye out for all the hidden artwork in the area.
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