3N31 - Lower Lytle Creek Divide

Fontana, California (San Bernardino County)

Last Updated: 02/08/2021
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Highlight: 3N31 - Lower Lytle Creek Divide
3N31 Lower Lytle Creek Divide is within the San Bernardino National Forest and is an easy road that is well maintained to provide service vehicle access to the power line towers that line its route and a great road for the novice off-roader to get their wheels dirty. There are many inviting spurs to explore along the way that almost always end at a power line tower. For all driving skill levels, Lower Lytle Creek Divide offers a pleasant escape from the metropolis with views of the majestic San Gabrial Mountains to the West and the Cajon Pass to the east. There are wonderful vistas to pull over and enjoy at many spots along the trail dominated in the west by the almost 9000' granite peaks of Cucamonga, Big Horn, Timber Mountains, and from below the jumbled boulders that make up Lytle Creek. To the east is an expansive view of Cajon Pass hosting Interstate 15 and the 5400' Cajon Mountain range. Looking northward is a change in color from green to brown marking the transition to the dry Mojave desert. Your dog can also enjoy the trail when kept on a leash.
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