Wrecking Ball

Landers, California (San Bernardino County)

Last Updated: 05/09/2022
5 / 5 ( 3 reviews )
Highlight: Wrecking Ball
One of the legendary trails in Johnson Valley in Southern California, Wrecking Ball, often referred to as one of the Hammers Trails, is no joke. The trail is about as hard as Sledge Hammer at its hardest point but continues like that for almost all the way through the entire trail. Full of rocks the size of Volkswagons, this extreme rock crawling trail is one for only the extreme drivers and built vehicles. Expect to take a full day when on this extreme rock crawling offroad trail as it won't be fast-moving unless you take the bypasses. This trail does have one of the more feared obstacles at the end which is one of the 10 different waterfalls. Yes, 10 different waterfalls along this trail. So if you are looking for something difficult to an extreme, wanting something that might send you home crying and defeated, you should probably check out Wrecking Ball in Johnson Valley, California when you are in the area.
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