Bautista Road

Anza, California (Riverside County)

Last Updated: 09/23/2021
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Highlight: Bautista Road
Bautista Road follows the creek of the same name straddling the South Fork San Jacinto Wilderness to the north and the San Bernadino National Forest to the south. It is frequently used as a shortcut between the Anza Valley area and Hemet and is frequently trafficked. The hills rising on either side are green and lush and provide great views. Several hiking and OHV trails intersect along this dirt section of the road. The devastation of the 2018 Bautista fire can still be seen along portions of the road. The east end of the trail brings you to some great truck and OHV trails including the Cottonwood Truck Trail which connects to the Hog Lake Truck Trail and ends at the mountain ridge and intersects Rouse Hill Road. From the end of Bautista Road, only 2 miles south on Tripp Flats Road and you will be at the trailhead of Red Mountain OHV trail.
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