Pine Creek Meadow

Horseshoe Bend, Idaho (Gem County)

Last Updated: 10/19/2020
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Highlight: Pine Creek Meadow
Pine Creek Meadow is in the Boise National Forest and south of the area known as Sagehen Reservoir. The Sagehen area, as well as this trail, are less than 2 hours from Boise making it the perfect getaway spot for a few hours of offroad wheeling and camping in one of the dozens of dispersed campsites you can find on these trails or being a bit more comfortable in one of four improved campsites at the lake. The rainbow trout fishing is fantastic due to the campgrounds closing occasionally for logging activities for fire management. This trail has a highlight feature in its own right; it has a meadow. At the halfway point in the trail, there is a small lake with the meadow extending beyond the north end. There is a fantastic camping spot right at the edge of the lake and one can only imagine the wildlife that enjoys this resource each day. This area is known for its deer, elk, bear, wolves, and cougars just to name the predators, so be aware and don't become the game.
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