Timber Flat 666A1/A2

Horseshoe Bend, Idaho (Valley County)

Last Updated: 10/01/2020
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Highlight: Timber Flat 666A1/A2
Timber Flat 666A1/A2 is in the Boise National Forest and south of the area known as Sagehen Reservoir. A1 and A2 are actually spur trails from the main Timber Flat. It was decided to combine these two shorter trails into a nice 1.2-mile trail since it loops onto itself at the trail's end. This area is less than 2 hours from Boise making it the perfect getaway spot for a few hours of offroad wheeling, camping in one of the dozens of dispersed campsites you can find on these trails, or being a bit more comfortable in one of four improved campsites at the lake. The rainbow trout fishing will be fantastic in 2021 since the campgrounds have been closed all of 2020 because of logging activities for fire management. Beautiful bull elk can be spotted along this trail, as well as much other wildlife.
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