Paint Gap Road

Terlingua, Texas (Brewster County)

Last Updated: 11/25/2021
4.5 / 5 ( 3 reviews )
Highlight: Paint Gap Road
Typically going unnoticed in lieu of the more familiar offroad trails in Big Bend National Park; especially given it’s ‘typical dirt road’ appearance at its trailhead, Paint Gap Road’s unassuming nature results in most bypassing the wonders the trail holds. Yet just a couple miles down this 4 miles trail, the trail takes on a noticeable change in feel, transitioning from a well-maintained dirt road to a more rugged double-track trail. In spite beginning just off the main road within Big Bend National Park; once a visitor hits the double-track section and passes into the gap, visitors will immediately get the sense they’ve traversed well off the beaten path and ultimately be rewarded with the sites of several ruins of an old abandoned settlement.
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