Banner Creek Road

Idaho City, Idaho (Boise County)

Last Updated: 11/02/2020
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Highlight: Banner Creek Road
Banner Creek Road, FR-385, is a mountain ridge road offering knockout views of the Kirkham Ridge, Lowman Valley, and leads to an abandoned mining ghost town located in the central part of the Boise National Forest. has a great article about the lifespan of the mining town of Banner. The Boise National Forest covers a vast 2.5 million acres ranging from forest and grassland. This trail is approximately an hour and a half from Boise and 35 minutes from the historic mining town of Idaho City. The trail descends down along Banner Creek and should connect with Pikes Fork 312, but currently ends just past the ghost town of Banner due to road conditions and washouts. There are a few dispersed campsite options on this trail as pullovers or off the road.
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