Quarry Mountain Road

Horseshoe Bend, Idaho (Boise County)

Last Updated: 09/01/2020
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Highlight: Quarry Mountain Road
Quarry Mountain Road is in the beautiful and diverse Bureau of Land Managemen (BLM) forest. It is only 18 miles north of Horseshoe Bend and one hour from Boise, the state capital. Unlike the National Forests, this BLM area is also sub-managed by the Idaho Endowment Lands. The area offers fantastic views, absent any forest fires, and is a playground for OHV and larger 4WD vehicles. The gravel road from Horseshoe Bend is an adventure as well, traversing beautiful ranch lands with their free-range cattle. Drive with care. You will also pass "Zip Idaho" where you can zip-line through the forest. The trail itself leads to a gravel quarry by way of a spur trail with a lockable gate at that trail's end. In hunting season expect and respect hunters trailering their side-by-sides into the mountains for their annual deer or elk. While camping, be watchful for the predators. The area is home to mountain lions, bears, and wolves.
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