Big Sheep Creek Road

Dell, Montana (Beaverhead County)

Last Updated: 09/04/2021
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Highlight: Big Sheep Creek Road
Big Sheep Creek Road, also known as the Big Sheep Creek Backcountry Byway, is a scenic drive in southwestern Montana. This modern-day gravel road follows the springwater fed Big Sheep Creek with its many twists and turns. Above the road and the creek is the rugged and undisturbed Tendoy Mountains, with their steep rocky banks and unique geological formations. This backcountry byway is 50 miles of remote, virtually untouched wilderness hidden by the Rocky Mountains just south of Dillon, Montana. Experience one of the trails that the early settlers and travelers out looking to strike it rich in the goldfields traveled, nearly the same as it was over a century ago. Big Sheep Creek road is an excellent adventure for the whole family.
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