Bannack Bench Road

Dillon, Montana (Beaverhead County)

Last Updated: 09/04/2021
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Highlight: Bannack Bench Road
Bannack Bench Road follows the historic Bannack Trail from Corinne, Utah, to Bannack, Montana that was established as a freight route between the two cities in 1862. The old cemetery is at Waypoint 4, offering a unique insight into the hardships common in the old wild west. This trail also provides access to Bannack Road leading into the old ghost town of Bannack, where one can walk through the well-preserved buildings and relics. Parts of trail also follow one of the Lewis and Clark Expedition trails. Winding over the sage and grassy hills with a broad valley to the west and the Rocky Mountains of the Continental Divide rising sharply in the distance, this is a trail for all to enjoy.
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