Richloam - Stop Camp Road

Dade City, Florida (Hernando County)

Last Updated: 09/04/2020
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Richloam Wildlife Management Area spans 58,000 acres, crossing into Hernando, Pasco, Sumter, and Lake counties. Richloam is located in a swamp and is full of outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and horseback riding! Swamps offer wildlife plenty of food and water for wildlife so visitors can expect to see various animals from deer, hogs, gators, birds, and plenty of insects. Stop Camp Road is located in the western Richloam Wildlife Management Area. Similar to Lower Lake Road, Stop Camp Road cuts through Lower Lake Swap. Visitors can expect Stop Camp Road to start off easy on sand but halfway through sand becomes covered by pitch-black water. Vegetation tries to reclaim the trail with branches growing onto the path and grass growing outwards from the center of the trail. Stop Camp Road is a great trail for visitors who like to play in water/mud and explore trails less traveled!
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