Tommy Creek

Duck Creek Village, Utah (Garfield County)

Last Updated: 06/08/2021
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Highlight: Tommy Creek
Tommy Creek is a short, but essential connector trail within this region of the Dixie National Forest. This 4x4 route travels from the bottom of a long hill through a dense pine and aspen forest leading to the popular Henrie Knoll trail. For the first half of this route, you'll be on a ledge road hill climb with a couple of switchbacks, requiring 4x4 and offroad type tires. The expansive network of OHV trails within the Dixie NF is a very popular place during the summer months. The area trails travel through dense forests with lava rock flows forming dramatic and rugged landscapes. Connecting this trail with others like Tippets Valley and stopping by Mammoth Cave can make for a great all-day adventure.
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