Tippets Valley

Duck Creek Village, Utah (Iron County)

Last Updated: 06/05/2021
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Highlight: Tippets Valley
Tippetts Valley is located within the heart of the Dixie National Forest in southern Utah. The route easily travels through wide-open meadows and a large section of old-growth Ponderosa Pines. Some of the trees in the area are over 300 years old and mature to heights above 150 feet tall. One of these old giants is along the edge of the trail at Waypoint 07. On this route, you'll have your choice of trails to connect with. Dry Camp Valley, at Waypoint 08, is a difficult 4x4 trail that leads to Duck Creek Village. Tippetts Valley is often used to bypass the difficult section along Red Desert Road. If you have low clearance or don't want any challenges, then this is an easy way around that rough section on Red Desert Road. The remote camping within the pine and aspen trees is a very relaxing experience. Be sure to keep your eyes out for the abundant wildlife found in the area. Elk, deer, turkey, and all the big predator birds can be spotted within this region.
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