Dry Camp Valley

Duck Creek Village, Utah (Kane County)

Last Updated: 06/27/2021
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Highlight: Dry Camp Valley
The Dixie National Forest has an impressive network of offroad trails crisscrossing the mountains and canyons of southern Utah. While there is certainly an abundance of leisurely scenic trails, Dixie NF lacks trails that offer any significant 4x4 challenges. Dry Camp Valley trail is a little known route that offers the offroad enthusiast a mild challenge through a very scenic mountain landscape. The trail travels from the small town of Duck Creek Village through a dense forest, weaving through the vast network of lava flows that blanket the region. Millions of years ago this region was a hot spot of volcanic activity. The area volcanoes deposited vast areas of black rock across the landscape. The amazing part is how plant life can thrive in such rugged terrain. Be prepared, you'll need a capable 4x4 and some durable tires to get through this unique trail.
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