Powerline South Road

Monument, Colorado (El Paso County)

Last Updated: 04/01/2021
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Highlight: Powerline South Road
Located near Monument, CO, this unassuming trail just off of Mount Herman Road is one of the easiest trails to get to in the Rampart Range Road Area. It’s a rolling ride through the forest as it follows along the path of, you guessed it, powerlines. Numerous small gaps in the trees provide amazing glimpses of Pike’s Peak. The trail ends at an overlook of Monument that happens to have a large area to set up a camp. Powerline South Road is open year-round and makes for great snow wheeling with lots of ruts, grades, and road features that become technical obstacles with snow and ice. In the summer, this trail provides some shade from the sun and can make for a cooler ride than some of the more exposed trails nearby. Add Powerline East Road, Beaver Creek Road, and Ensign Gulch Road together for a good day of wheeling.
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