Yankee Mosquito (Kingston Peak Cutoff)

Central City, Colorado (Gilpin County)

Last Updated: 12/27/2020
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Highlight: Yankee Mosquito (Kingston Peak Cutoff)
Tucked away on the backside of the Yankee Hill network of 4x4 trails, west of Central City, Colorado is a lesser-known gem of a trail. Officially named Yankee Hill-Mosquito Creek, Forest Service Road 772.1 is often referred to as the Kingston Peak Cutoff because it makes a major connection between Yankee Hill and Kingston Peak which allows you to run major portions of Yankee Hill and Kingston Peak as a loop from St. Mary’s back to Alice. Not only is this trail noted for its significance as a connecting trail but it is fun in its own right. There is just enough challenge to make it interesting but not enough to be overly difficult. It combines tight corners through dense forest in the lower section with open meadows and sweeping views near the top. Wildflowers are prevalent, especially along the creeks, and evidence of the area's rich mining history can be seen in an old, crumbling cabin. Although there is likely to be some traffic, it is not as well-traveled as the more well-known and popular parts of the Yankee Hill Network.
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