Point Sublime

Fredonia, Arizona (Coconino County)

Last Updated: 05/15/2022
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Highlight: Point Sublime
The Point Sublime trail, located in the less-visited North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park and is one of the four offroad trails inside the Park. The awe-inspiring and sublime nature of this point is most likely why it has its given name. The Grand Canyon National Park is 1,902 square miles. Its otherworldly landscape and enormity will leave you feeling small and breathless as you make the drive to Point Sublime. Driving through a timeless forest mixed with rolling meadows is accented with two main viewpoints along the way that act as warm-ups for what lays ahead. Once you make it to Point Sublime, that feeling of being immersed in the splendid magnitude is cemented as the narrow peninsula suspends you over the grandly expansive canyon, with just a sliver of a glimpse of the Colorado River at Boucher Rapids. The Point Sublime campsites offer the most extraordinary views from a tent window that a person could see.
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