Wash Creek Ridge

Garden Valley, Idaho (Boise County)

Last Updated: 06/11/2021
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Highlight: Wash Creek Ridge
Wash Creek Ridge is in the beautiful and diverse Boise National Forest. The trailhead is very near Garden Valley, home to a huge herd of elk in the winter. The South Fork of the Payette River is even closer and offers camping, hot springs, and internationally renowned Kayak competitions. At the trail's end, you are very close to Mineral Mountain Road which will lead you to the almost ghost town of Placerville. A booming mining town in the 1800s Placerville today has a population of 55. Some research of the area will reveal several gold mines in and around Mineral Mountain. The trail travels through beautiful pine trees and grasses along the ridge between Wash Creek and Alder Creek Road. Both the trail and the area are great for wheeling, hiking, hunting, and camping.
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