East Fork Alder Creek

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Garden Valley, Idaho (Boise County)
Last Updated: 07/12/2020

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This trail is in the Boise National Forest a few miles north of Placerville, an almost ghost town from the 1800s. From a population of 3,300, it has dwindled to 50 as of the last census. Placerville was established because of the gold and silver discovered in nearby Mineral Mountain. You can discover several mines near these trails end by exploring the link above. Garden Valley to the north is winter grazing for a huge herd of elk which frequent this area as well. Early spring is the best time to search for the prized antler racks that get shed yearly. Many animals live in this forest, including mountain lion, black bear, and wolf. The Boise National Forest is prized for its diversity, including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, 4-wheeling, and just relaxing.

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5/5 (1)
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Visited: 07/12/2020

Pat and I with our 2 doggies came out to run a few trails. This trailhead can be a bit tough to find so be sure and use the directions. We're sure glad our white Rubicon doesn't show pinstriping very well, because we went through some tight spots! I can't believe the number of Elk hoof prints we saw so we will be sure to return next early spring to see if we can find some of the incredible antlers they drop.
Trail Review: East Fork Alder Creek - Dennis Clark
Trail Review: East Fork Alder Creek - Dennis Clark
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