Rollins Pass East

Rollinsville, Colorado (Gilpin County)

Last Updated: 01/08/2022
4.1 / 5 ( 31 reviews )
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Typically Open: Year Round
Length: 12.03 miles
Highest Elevation: 11331 feet
Duration: About 2 hours
Shape of Trail: Out & Back
Best Direction to Travel: N/A
Nearest Town: Rollinsville
Nearest Town w/ Services: Nederland
Official Road Name: 149
Management Agency: Arapaho Nationa Forest
District: Boulder Ranger District


Highlight: Rollins Pass East
Rollins Pass East is a beautiful drive through the Roosevelt National Forest that takes you up a 4% grade, above timberline, where you get endless views of the Colorado Front Range, access to beautiful fishing spots, a more challenging four-wheel drive road, and good hiking opportunities. There is also some history to Rollins Pass East that can really make you appreciate the past.

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1. Start Rollins Pass East (0 mi)
Beginning of Rollins Pass East with a large parking lot for trailers and groups to air down.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Rollinsville, CO

Take Highway 119 to Rollinsville. Turn West onto CR 16 (Moffat Tunnel Road) and continue for 7.3 miles and you will find the trailhead on the right with a parking area and sign.



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Q: Has anyone fished Jenny Lake? If so did you catch many fish.
–John Kiernan (07/06/2021)
–Ronjr (07/07/2021)
Q: You list the road # for this trail as 117. Are you sure that is correct? Both the MVUM and the Forest Service Interactive Visitors Map seem to list it as 149.
–Bill Andrews (09/28/2019)
–Bradley & Rhea Mikkelson (09/30/2019)
Q: Hi, from the end of Rollins Pass East how long is the hike to trestle? Thanks!
–Lorenzo Redaelli (04/07/2019)
–John (05/03/2019)
Q: Anyone know the current snow status? Was thinking about going up this weekend but I've heard other areas have been getting hit pretty hard
–Chris (11/05/2018)
–Bradley & Rhea Mikkelson (12/26/2018)
Q: Looking at Google Maps, there appears to be a connecting trail starting just east of Yankee Doodle Lake, continuing across the north to Rollins Pass West. Anyone know if it's actually passable and in what condition?
–Sam (08/21/2018)
–Patrick McKay (08/22/2018)
–Bradley & Rhea Mikkelson (08/21/2018)
Q: The stats list the duration as 4 hours and the trail is listed as out & back so I was wondering if the duration includes out & back or is that one way so the total duration would be 8 hours?
–Jared (08/09/2018)
–Bradley & Rhea Mikkelson (08/15/2018)
Q: any status report on the trail?
–Nick (06/26/2018)
–Luke (06/30/2018)
Q: Anyone drive this trail recently? Can you get to the top in a stock F150 or Tacoma?
–Prosper Wang (06/06/2018)
–Colin (06/07/2018)
–Bradley & Rhea Mikkelson (06/06/2018)
Q: What is the etiquette for the single lane shelf road portion when you come across a vehicle going the other direction?
–Josh (07/08/2017)
–Bradley & Rhea Mikkelson (07/08/2017)

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Bradley and Rhea are currently living in the quaint little town of Fairburn, South Dakota with their two daughters, Riley and Dakota, and their dog Nyx. Bradley was raised in Northern Colorado, while Rhea was raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Growing up in these environments, the mountains are where they like to spend their free time. Since meeting in July 2011, they have been fishing, camping, and wheeling together ever since. For the Mikkelson family, owning a Jeep is essential to the mountaineering lifestyle. They currently have three Jeeps, a built 1995 Jeep Cherokee, A mildly built 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and a bone-stock 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. As a volunteer wildland firefighter, TrailsOffroad mapping crew and avid nature lovers, the Mikkelson's strongly encourage responsible trail usage, respect for our forests, always stay the trail, pack out what you pack in, and enjoy the adventure!
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