Goethe - Double Fireline Road

Bronson, Florida (Levy County)

Last Updated: 07/14/2020
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Goethe State Forest is located in central Florida and spans almost 54,000 acres. Exploring Goethe State Forest can be done in many ways, such as hiking, bicycling, horseback, and street-legal vehicles. Goethe State Forest is great for anyone looking to hunt, fish, camp, and watch wildlife. Double Fireline Road is located in northern Goethe State Forest. Drivers can expect various road surfaces such as gravel, dirt, mud, and water crossings. The trail is not well maintained and is great for drivers looking to use 4WD! Double Fireline Road has scenic areas consisting of being surrounded by tall trees, areas cleared out from logging, and lots of bright green vegetation everywhere. The trail is not well traveled so drivers looking to get away and enjoy the forest needs to check out Double Fireline Road!
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