Goethe - Cow Creek Road

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3/5 (2 reviews)
Dunnellon, Florida (Levy County)
Last Updated: 07/12/2020
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Goethe State Forest is located in central Florida and spans almost 54,000 acres. Exploring Goethe State Forest can be done in many ways, such as hiking, bicycling, horseback, and street-legal vehicles. Goethe State Forest is great for anyone looking to hunt, fish, camp, and watch wildlife. Cow Creek Road is the longest trail in Goethe State Forest. The trail passes through various levels of vegetation density and winds through central Goethe State Forest. Cow Creek Road hosts Big Cypress Boardwalk which is a hiking trail to Goethe Giant; a Bald Cypress tree over 100' tall and over 900 years old! As the name implies the hiking trail is mainly on a boardwalk. While Cow Creek Road may not be interesting from an offroading perspective, Big Cypress Boardwalk is worthwhile.

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Trail Reviews

3/5 (2)
Rated 3/5
Visited: 09/19/2021
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Took this trail this morning just for something to do close to home. Took my mother who has back problems and she had no issues in the CJ7 so i would say this is a very beginner friendly trail. Cruised through at 10-20mph keeping an eye out for any small holes that would make the ride uncomfortable for someone with back issues which took 20-30 minutes. We both had a great time and she already asked if we could go back for some other trails in Goethe next weekend, so of course ill take any chance i can to get the Jeep out and take a ride. All in all this is a good trail to just put along and take in the scenery and see some wildlife. No mud holes, water crossings, or rock climbing, just a very enjoyable ride.
Trail Review: Goethe - Cow Creek Road - Jason Krepps
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Official Crew
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Rated 3/5
Visited: 06/27/2020

Very basic offroad trail, however Big Cypress Boardwalk is definitely worth a visit when at Goethe State Forest.

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