FR 153A

Sedona, Arizona (Coconino County)

Last Updated: 04/01/2022
5 / 5 ( 9 reviews )
Highlight: FR 153A
FR 153A is an exciting drive that gets you away from the Sedona crowds. That alone is reason enough to give it a try. However, the true worth of this short trail lies in its first mile, which runs along the dramatic edge of the Mogollon Rim, the geological feature that gave birth to the red rock geology that made Sedona famous. That one mile of eye-popping scenery is unforgettable. Even better is the handful of campsites perched right on the edge of the Rim, each with those imagination-defying views. But FR 153A guards her precious scenic and camp jewels jealously. The road to these epic sites is pure rock, and we aren't talking slick rock either. Plenty rough enough to turn away the faint of heart, the crowds never venture to these little-known edge-of-the-world gems. That just means the worthy can sit on the 1000' edge of the cliff sipping a beverage and watching the ant-like traffic crawl along Schnebly Hill Road below as sunset glistens off the enormous red rock formations below. And the next morning, you can crawl out of your sleeping bag and treat yourself to the sunrise view after a walk of only a few feet.
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