FR 801

Sedona, Arizona (Coconino County)

Last Updated: 04/01/2022
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Highlight: FR 801
The wonderous geologic beauty of Sedona's red sandstone monoliths brings visitors from far and wide. That same sandstone creates challenging offroad trails that draw their own flocks of eager visitors. Jeep tour companies bounce wide-eyed giggling tourists along many of those. It's all fun and beautiful. But you may begin to crave a quieter adventure that includes a bit of solitude. Atop the Mogollon Rim, past the jeep tours and the crowded overlook parking lots, FR 801 veers off Schnebly Hill Road into the Coconino National Forest. Most just zip by the intersection without noticing. FR 801 hides her treasures well. The track leads deep into a Ponderosa pine forest, offers some excellent camping, connects with other small trails that lead to amazing and seldom seen views out on the edge of the Rim. In summer, cattle graze on the high alpine grasses. An inordinate number of hummingbirds seems to like this area. Watch closely for elk peering at you from the shadows. There are a lot of wonders to find in this forest, but crowds aren't one of those.
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