McClintock Ridge

Pine, Arizona (Coconino County)

Last Updated: 07/09/2021
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Highlight: McClintock Ridge
McClintock Ridge, named for the ridgeline on which it runs, goes north off scenic Rim Road. Just getting to this trailhead is a visually splendid adventure as you drive along the Mogollon Rim with its dramatic forever views. Two picturesque canyons run parallel to the McClintock Ridge and then merge just beyond the end of the trail. To the west, deep and rugged Barbershop Canyon has a perennial spring-fed stream. Dane Canyon to the east has several springs as well. The little creek in Dane Canyon can be dry in some stretches interspersed with wonderful deep pools. If you camp on McClintock Ridge, take a walk down into one of the side canyons. In late Summer and Fall, there are tasty wild blackberries and raspberries to pick. Crayfish and darters scurry through the pools in Barbershop. The ruins of an old cabin supposedly used by Zane Grey, the famous western novel author, sits on the east side of Dane Canyon at Dane Spring. Elk and other animals are plentiful. Expect to see elk and possibly wild turkeys early and late in the day.
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