FR 300G

Pine, Arizona (Coconino County)

Last Updated: 07/09/2021
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FR 300G runs north off scenic Rim Road. Just getting to this trailhead is a visually splendid adventure. The trail rides along the ridgeline between picturesque East and West Bear Canyons. Just beyond the end of the trail, those two smaller canyons merge to form the rugged Bear Canyon. If you camp along FR300G, take a walk down into one of the side canyons. In late Summer and Fall, there are tasty wild blackberries and raspberries to pick. In Fall the Aspens turn golden and Big Tooth Maples transform into a bright red bringing rare seasonal color to the area. Elk and other animals are plentiful. In spring you may find a set of antlers where a bull worked his old ones free in order to grow new antlers for a new year
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