Rampart Range Road

3.5/5 (85 reviews)
Colorado Springs, Colorado (Douglas County)
Last Updated: 01/01/2023
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Trail Information


Those looking for an accessible introduction to the Colorado Front Range will find it in this road built in the 1930s. The well-known and relatively well-maintained trail runs through 60 miles of Pike National Forest. Rampart Range isn't just a road name either, it's the name of the Front Range south of US 85, and this road runs almost the entire length of the mountain range. The southern end has the most to see in terms of views and is the smoother portion of the drive. There are many turnoffs, large parking areas, and small pull-offs where you can stop to take pictures on the Garden of the Gods end of the trail. The views of Pike’s Peak from this end of the trail are amazing. The road was built as part of the government’s efforts to get out of The Great Depression by the Civil Conservation Corps. A marker stone exists and is a Waypoint along the trail. There used to be two marker stones, but one has been damaged and is gone except for its quartz base. The marker stone that is still intact indicates its opening and completion, 1933. Nowadays, this unique piece of Colorado history connects counties, trails, and off-roaders. While most people get a chance to ride Rampart Range on their way to somewhere else, it's worth stopping to take in this trail on its own.

Trail Difficulty and Assessment

Trail Navigation

This 60-mile long and relatively wide road is graded dirt all the way through and is easy enough for most vehicles, though beware of the washboards. The wooded area of the north end is more of a nice drive through the forest, though there are often more people and there are more wash-boarded areas. The area to the south is smoother these days, but weather conditions and water can change all that quickly. Rampart Range Road runs ‘officially’ from South to North, and the GPX is tracked that way. It can be run both ways depending on your preference or destination. There are no obstacles along the way, but we have noted places of interest and some of the more complex intersections of roads and trails.
There is a lot of bike and ATV traffic on the northern end of the trail. There is considerable traffic on this trail at times.

Trail Reviews

3.7/5 (85 reviews)
Official Crew
Partially Open
Visited: 01/01/2023

Trail is not seasonal but open only accessible from Monument and Woodland Park trails that connect.
Seasonal Closure
Rated 1/5
Visited: 01/01/2023

Trail closed for season at trail start in Garden of the Gods
Partially Open
Rated 5/5
Visited: 12/26/2022
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

North End Gate Closed. Either due to weather recently or seasonal closure. Thought trail was open year round but that's not the case.
Partially Open
Visited: 12/10/2022
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Road is very passable between Mount Herman and the seasonal gate to the north. Very small patches of packed snow with a bit more the further north you go but able to maintain the posted speed limit through out.
Official Crew
Partially Open
Visited: 12/01/2022

Northern end of the trail is closed for the season and is only accessible from Monument and Woodland Park.

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