Highlight: Corral Road
Corral Road takes you off the beaten path in the rugged Camp Wood area of the Prescott National Forest. This trail isn't for the timid or those who value their rig's paint job. If there's a touch of the explorer in you, give it a try. Corral Road aptly begins at an old corral just off Walnut Creek. Almost immediately the trail becomes narrow with dense vegetation pushing in from the sides. When the brush clears a bit you are enticed onward and upward by the impressive views of the twin 7200-foot peaks of Camp Wood and Hyde Creek Mountains. After a slow and steady 2.7 miles, you cross Hyde Creek for the first time. The trail winds upward along this drainage until topping out at the saddle between Hyde Creek Mountain and nearby Pinetop Mountain. This is an actively ranched area. Expect to see cattle in the summer among the pines near trails end. Deer, turkey, and javelina are also common in the area. The road ends at an old cattle watering tank near Brown Spring. The turn around is a good place for a shaded picnic with some nice views.
For individual use only, not to be shared.